You are welcome to use our platform to grow your investments and acquire personal and business property with ease. Our products in offer are ED Pool Investment, ED Homes and ED Corporate Mortgage. We are in business to serve the church as an alternative investment and property acquisition platform to economically empower ECWA and her members to participate more actively in the mission of the church.

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We are a reputable real estate development and finance company economically empowering ECWA and her members. EDFSL is the only real estate development and finance company in ECWA portfolio of strategic businesses.

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This is the general savings and target savings platform for ECWA entities, staff, and members. The product has been in existence since 2013 and our esteemed investors are enjoying good and competitive returns on their investments. 

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Many staff, including Pastors, retire from active service without personal residential property. ED Homes is a platform for staff to acquire personal residential property and other properties during their years of active service.

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Physical structures in ECWA entities are hardly replaced while some are seldom renovated thereby raising safety concerns and poor perception for ECWA. Some landed properties remain largely underdeveloped after many years of acquisition. 

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