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ED Homes

ED Homes (Product Contact- Mariam 0803 609 7490)

Many staff, including Pastors, retire from active service without personal residential property. ED Homes is a platform for staff to acquire personal residential property and other properties during their years of active service.  This will go a long way to boosting their physical and psychological readiness for retirement as well as enhance the public perception of ECWA as a caring Church organization.  

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Product Features

  • Property acquisition savings scheme for ECWA staff and ECWA members.
  • Minimum target savings: Junior/Intermediate staff N1,000 per month; Senior staff N2,000 per month.
  • Pastor’s annual Appreciation Day collections shall be deposited in the Home Savings Account (HSA) to be maintained for each Pastor. Also, each Pastor is to save through monthly payroll deductions to boost his HSA.
  • Non-ECWA staff is to save according to assessed personal capacity.
  • Initial savings period of 60 consecutive months (5 years).
  • Pledged credit: 200% of HSA balance
  • Collateral- HSA balance + surety members of ED Homes


  • Interest accrues monthly on savings.
  • Access to 5-15 years’ mortgage loan at 1% per month.
  • Property ownership before retirement at ED Homes Housing Estate or elsewhere.
  • Elimination of retirement phobia.
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced image for ECWA.

Each staff shall fill ED Homes account opening form and submit it through the DCC, Department, Company, etc to obtain a unique HSA number.   None ECWA Staff shall fill and submit ED Homes account opening form to EDFSL Corporate Office or through the nearest ECWA DCC.

Monthly deductions are to be remitted to:

ECWA Development Finance Scheme Ltd (ED HOMES), United Bank for Africa (UBA) A/C No. 1023390080. 

Every remittance teller should be accompanied by a comprehensive schedule and a formal letter from each reporting entity to EDFSL for documentation.