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Who is ECWA Development Finance Scheme Limited (EDFSL)?
Answer: EDFSL is the only bonafide Real Estate development and finance company which was established on the 5th of August 2015 to mobilize funds for development and finance of landed properties for ECWA and her members in a profitable manner.
Who are the owners of EDFSL?
Answer: EDFSL is jointly owned by ECWA (Headquarters, DCCs, LCCs, LCs, F/Gs, Departments, Units, Institutions) and ECWA members.
What do I gain by subscribing to EDFSL shares?

Answer: Reasonable dividend and capital appreciations on investment.

What are the differences between EDFSL and other types of investment?

Answer: EDFSL is like any other investment in shares except that it is Church based and operates in real estate sector of the economy.

What are the risks involved in investing in EDFSL?

Answer: The only risk is limited to the investment made in the company. Investors cannot lose anything else

Who are the owners of EDFSL?

Answer: EDFSL is jointly owned by ECWA (Headquarters, DCCs, LCCs, LCs, F/Gs, Departments, Units, Institutions) and ECWA members.

How do I sell my shares if need be?

Answer: You can sell to ECWA and ECWA members. The new owner will replace the seller of his/her shares in the shareholders register. The Company could take up the shares where there is no ready buyer and sell them at a future date.

Should I expect returns on my investments? If yes, how often?

Answer: Returns will be in line with projections contained in the placement of memorandum. Returns (dividends) will be declared and paid from annual profits made by the company.

Is there any age restriction on this placement?

Answer: No age restrictions.

Who are the board members?

Answer: Profile of Board members are in the placement memorandum. Members are hardcore professionals selected among ECWA members reflecting ECWA geographical spread.

Can I buy shares for my children?

Answer: YES. Open bank account for each child and supply the bank details while filing the shares application form.

Is there any limit to the number of shares I can buy?

Answer: Minimum of 20,000 units at N1.10 each (N22,000). No maximum.

What is the benefit of EDFSL to ECWA?

Answer: ECWA as a church will be able to develop her strategically located properties with ease in an optimal manner which will lead to improved revenue to finance missions.

  • ECWA will earn periodic Income.
  • Better image for the Church
  • Job opportunities for members
  • Economic empowerment for members
When and How should I pay?

Answer: See the private placement memorandum.

In the event of death of the shareholder, what happens to the shares invested?

Answer: The shares will be transferred to the next of kin supplied in the Application Form.

How long will it take to start enjoying dividend from shares offer and how much percentage do I expect?

Answer: Dividend from these shares in offer will commence after minimum of 12 months from the date offer officially closes.

Do I have access to loan?

Answer: Shareholders cannot access loan from shares acquired.

What is the relationship between EDFSL and the Nigerian Stock Exchange?

Answer: EDFSL is a private limited liability company owned by ECWA and ECWA members.

What is the assurance that EDFSL will stand knowing that other ECWA companies are down?

Answer: Every company operates in a defined and structured market. The prospects of real estate business are very bright in Nigeria and beyond.

What if my next-of-kin is an unbeliever or has grown up to be a non-ECWA?

Answer: EDFSL will honor the next of kin selected by the shareholder. The Company reserves the right to buy back the shares from the next-of-kin

How can I monitor the appreciation of my investment?

Answer: Call in or see the External Auditors Annual reports.